River Rescue

Downstream Edge Swiftwater Rescue

The mission of our River Rescue and Safety classes is simple:

– Help kayakers and rafters learn how to run rivers safely and avoid incidents.
– Produce prepared and skilled kayakers who can lead a rescue successfully.

We do this by running scenario based courses that simulate a real adventurous day on the river. You will learn how to properly scout rapids and set safety, as well as how to develop a solid communication system within your crew. Throughout the course, your group will be lead into various real life rescue scenarios to practice rescue skills, communication, and leadership. All DSE rescue instructors are seasoned professional kayakers that can teach you, from real experiences, what you need to know to lead a safe group down any river. After a Downstream Edge swiftwater rescue course, you will feel more confident exploring new rivers safely. We offer courses for beginner, intermediate, and expert kayakers that are designed to help you achieve your kayaking goals. We also offer customized courses for your private group as well as rafting specific courses. Read on for more information.

Level 1: Beginner Swiftwater Safety and Rescue Class (1 day)The Downstream Edge Beginner safety course is designed for class 2-3 paddlers looking to develop a foundation of river safety from the beginning…more info

Level 2: Advanced Swiftwater Safety and Rescue Class (2 day) Our advanced swiftwater rescue class is for intermediate to advanced whitewater kayakers. This class focuses on avoiding rescue situations and producing team leaders who can safely and efficiently lead a rescue and save lives…more info

Level 3: Swiftwater Rescue for the expert boater (2 day) This is the most physically and mentally challenging river rescue class you will ever take, and it’s designed specifically for expert kayakers who regularly paddle class IV rivers or above and are aspiring Class V boaters…more info

Level 4: Wilderness Whitewater Rescue and first aid (4 day) This class is an absolute must for all class V or expedition kayakers. We focus on difficult rescue scenarios of  injured victims, providing first aid, and extracting them to safety…more info

Levels 1-3: Swiftwater Rescue for a private group If you have four or more people in your crew, we’ll set up a private swiftwater rescue class just for you. This is a great way to develop better river running and safety skills as well as teamwork within your paddling crew…more info

Levels 1-3: Swiftwater Rescue for rafters (1 or 2 day) A large focus of the rafter oriented courses is using simple and complex rope systems and how to operate them safely. This course is ideal for private rafting groups and those who enjoy oar frame rafts…more info

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