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At Downstream Edge, we do mostly private instruction and small group lessons. We also offer unique courses such as a weekday evening creeking or playboating clinic, multi day adult and kids camps, strokes clinics, and roll clinics. Each customer is guaranteed to get personal attention from his or her instructor. With private lessons, you can learn and excel at your own pace. We design a custom program for each student based on your current skill level, your goals, and your schedule. Your instructor will focus on the skills that you need to improve. Pricing is different for each program so give us a call and we can talk about how best to reach your goals.

Private instruction is great for any paddler, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Everyone wants to get better. Our top-notch instructors will help any paddler reach their goals. All instructors are trained to adapt their teaching style and technique to better serve you. We don’t teach from a manual. We teach from experience.

At Downstream Edge, we want each customer to get personal attention from their instructor. That is why our group lessons have a student to instructor ratio of 4 to 1. If you and your boating partners want to take a course together to improve as a team, this is the option for you. We will design a custom program for each group to help your team reach the next level.

One of the biggest causes of accidents on the river is poor group dynamics. While kayaking may seem like an individual sport, it takes an organized group to safely run a river. Proper on-river organization and communication is the best way to reduce incidents and execute safe effective rescues. Our custom group programs will help your team improve paddling skills and organization.

Please check our schedule to view class offerings. If you don’t see what you want, please email us to set up a custom class for you and your friends.

Evening Beginner Series – $100 Our evening beginner series is a great class for new kayakers looking to build a solid foundation of paddling skills. We will work on paddling techniques, eddy hopping, ferrying, combat rolls, and more. The clinic takes place over three weekday evenings. Each night is a 2 hour lesson that focuses on specific skills.You will build on the skills learned in the previous lesson, which helps to maximize your improvement throughout the series. Having time in between to think about and practice what you’ve learned makes each lesson so much more valuable. You will see much more improvement in your skills by the end of our series, than if you were to take a six hour lesson all in one day.sign up now

Evening F reestyle Series – $100
The evening freestyle series is for advanced and intermediate paddlers who want to improve basic freestyle skills and also learn and master some more advanced tricks. The first night will focus on surfing, carving, and spinning on waves. The next two nights will focus on more advanced maneuvers such as big wave techniques, blunts, loops, airwheels, and more. The series takes place over three weekday evenings. Each class lasts two hours, and we will work hard the whole time. You will notice a huge improvement in your playboating technique after our three part series. Having time in between classes really helps to maximize improvement. You’ll see.
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Evening Creeking Series – $100
This is a really fun class. It’s where you get to learn all those skills you’ve wanted to learn from watching videos and looking at magazines. We will teach advanced eddy carving techniques, hole punching and boofing techniques, as well as safety and group dynamics. This class is a must for all aspiring creekers. This is your chance to learn from the guys who have been exploring wilderness rivers for years. Our crew of instructors are the best in the business, and they know the things you need to know to have fun and be safe on harder whitewater.
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