Tommy Hilleke

Name: Tommy Hilleke
Birthdate: 05/05/77
Hometown: Bluff Creek, AL/Asheville, NC
Currently Resides in: Glenwood Springs, CO
Years Paddling: 13

Top 3 Rivers: Green Narrows, Ravens, Toxaway, West Prong, Linville Gorge, Crystal, Big South, Vallecito, Lake Creek, OBJ, Little White Salmon, Ashlu, Callaghan, Rogers, Homathko, Grand Canyon of the Stikine, Rauma, Sogendal, Myrkdal, Oyocachi, Chico Verde, probably one or two others outside of California… in Cali; Royal Gorge of NF American, Fantasy Falls, Upper Cherry, Postpile, and the Middle Fork of the Kings. Any three of these will do.

The perfect Vacation: Will happen when I am 45, and my Boys will be 15 and 16. We will load the truck;do a highwater lap around Colorado in the Spring. Then head to California for summer in the Sierra; then up the coast to BC for a nice end of summer/early fall hair session; then burl it out all night long driving from the Stikine to the Southeast just in time for Gauleyfest and ride out the fall getting ready for the 32nd annual Green race, which we will sweep. Then roll back to ‘rado for just in time for ski season.

Hobbies other than kayaking: Kayaking is not a hobby. Building houses, Skiing, Wakeboarding, Photography, Hockey

Sponsors: Liquidlogic, Shred Ready, Werner, Teva, Penstock,

See more of me at:

Vids: Amongst it; 7 rivers expedition; LVM

Recommended gear list for kayakers:

Kayak: Liquid Logic Remix
Paddle: Werner Shogun
PFD: Astral Green Jacket
Skirt: IR super skirt
Drysuit: Kokotat Meridian
Helmet: Shred Ready Tdub
Shoes: Teva Avatar 2
Layers: IR thickskin and/or union suit

Rescue equipment minimal for expeditions:

I carry these items in my Green Jacket rescue PFD:
Tether with karabiner
2-3 karibiners in pockets
Folding river knife in pocket
Astral 60′ quick bag in chest pocket

In boat:
3 -5 more karabiners
Pulley 1 or 2
2-3 prussik loops (5-6mm rope)
2 lengths of 1.5″ tubular webbing that is twice your height in length
2 ti blocks
Throw rope
First aid kit with fire starting kit
Emergency bivy

Overnight gear:
Sleeping bag
Fishing rod/lures or flies
one extra layer and maybe a pair of dry board shorts
Jet boil
Lighweight food that packs carbs and protein (tuna, salami, jerkey, pasta, rice, honey, etc.)
As many bars as you can squeeze into your pockets and drybags.

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