Ready for 2010!

I hope everyone is having a great winter. Pray for more snow. I just want to let people know what is in store at Downstream Edge this year. Keep an eye on our schedule for upcoming courses. We will post river rescue courses and ACA instructor certification courses. We will also be scheduling some weekday specialized clinics this year such as creeking, freestyle, and strokes clinics. As always, if you want to set up a group lesson or a custom river rescue course, just let me know.

The most exciting new course we are offering is the Wilderness Whitewater Rescue and First Aid class. This is going to be an intensive four day course that focuses on difficult rescue situations involving injuries and exposure. Students will learn many skills and practice them in realistic scenarios that test group dynamics, rescue skills, first aid skills, and leadership. The lead instructor will be Zach Springer, who is a Wilderness First Responder instructor, Crested Butte veteran ski patroller, and DSE Swiftwater Rescue instructor. He is very experienced and a great teacher. I urge all class V kayakers to take this course. You will not be disappointed.

Evan Ross
pinned boat drill

A drill rescuing a pinned kayak in a DSE Swiftwater rescue class


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